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People always find it difficult to stick to their exercise routine after completion of their physical therapy. In that case, risk of re-injury increases. Also, health and well-being are critical part of quality life. We have designed a “Get Well – Be Fit” program that allows to reach your health goals and prevent risk of re-injury.

“Get Well – Be Fit” Program

The program includes a prescreen session with a physical therapist, who designs an exercise routine according to the assessment. The exercise routine is a combination of cardio exercises, strength training and stretching exercises. Periodically, expert guidance is also provided in order to keep track of your progression.

The program is 100% self pay and is provided a competitive monthly rates to patients and clients. This is beneficial for patients who recently recovered from any injury, older adults with a specific goal to improve strength or endurance under supervision of a physical therapists, active adults who appreciate expert recommendation regarding their exercise routines and last but not least someone who wants to prevent injured at work by maintaining physical fitness. For more information, Contact Us today at Sterling Heights, MI Center.


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