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About Us

We We help people suffering from aches and pains and help them get active and stay active without pain. Our patient-centered treatment approach allows us to understand and implement a treatment plan that allows our patients to reach their goals.

We are on Dequindre Road, north to 19 Mile Road/Square Lake Road in Sterling Heights. We are conveniently from Troy, Rochester Hills, Shelby Township, and Utica.

Our Story

Have you ever been asked to stop doing something that you thoroughly enjoy doing? For example, because your back hurts, have you ever been asked by your health care provider to stop doing certain activities like lifting weight, running, riding a bike?

When someone is in pain, Most people get suggestions from their healthcare providers to rest, take medicine, and avoid activities.

At Active Kare Physical Therapy, we help those people in pain get more active and help them get back to the activities they love doing. It even includes playing sports, getting more involved (exercises), or even going back to work. The idea is not to allow arthritis, chronic pain, & other injuries & disease to stop you from doing what you love.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide efficient, attentive care to patients by utilizing highly skilled healthcare professionals’ expert level of skills.

To place physical therapy as a primary care treatment for movement-related impairment and other musculoskeletal conditions. Improve accessibility to physical therapy for patients. Educate the community & other healthcare professionals on how physical therapy can help prevent long-term disability & improve the overall quality of life.

Our Core Values

At Active Kare physical therapy, we value providing care to patients with respect, integrity, and efficiency. We understand that pain and impairment do not just affect the physical aspect of life but also an emotional experience. While working with a patient, we keep in mind that we are not only treating an injured area, but we are helping a person live a better life.

Our Staff

Meet Our Team

Dr. Ashesh Vyas, PT, DPT

Dr. Ashesh Vyas, PT, DPT

I believe that physical therapy has so much to offer to society. In physical therapy, we have many treatment techniques & tools that we can use to help our patients move & get more active without being in pain. It is clear that being in pain & not being able to do activities affects the quality of life. As a physical therapist, it is my responsibility to help those in distress who cannot go back to their work or other social activities because of pain and disabilities. I help patients suffering from different conditions & help them achieve their goals.

Kristy Haddad


I graduated from Macomb Community College with a Physical Therapist Assistant License. I joined Active Kare Physical Therapy Team in 2021. I have always had passion to helping others and now I am fortunate to be able to treat patients and help them get back to their active life through the combination of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. I like helping my patients through their pain.

Our Reviews Speak for themselves!

As a professional dancer, I’ve worked with quite a few physical therapists over the years, and I can honestly say that Dr. Ashesh is one of the absolute best! Dr. Ashesh created a plan that was unique to me and my physical therapy goals. It was very refreshing to see how much he listened to ensure that I wasn’t just healing to function at the level that a normal adult would need, but was healing so that I could do all physical elements required of me in the dance company that I’m in. If anything happens in the future I would 100% go back to Dr. Ashesh. For anyone in need of an amazing PT, I highly recommend him!

Laura Jakowenko

Dr. Ashesh was one of the better therapist I have seen over the years due to neck and lower back surgeries on retaining mobility. He works one on one the entire time you are there. He worked on stretching my muscles for several weeks to regain mobility and then strengthen the core muscles. He is very friendly with his clients and encourages everyone to keep working on home exercise program he assembles specifically for you. He will set a goal with you at the first session which the both of you will work towards. I find him very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend Active Kare Physical Therapist for anyone in this area. Also recommended this place to several of my local Doctors in this area.

Dennis Marwede

This is the best place you can come for Physical Therapy. Usually at all other places, one therapist will handle multiple patients, the therapist will give you an exercise, move on to the next patient and come back to you after some time. Ashesh works alone and handles one patient during one appointment slot, so you have his undivided attention all the time. And especially now, you are isolated from other patients, so it is safe also. Ashesh is a wonderful therapist, I came last year for back pain - fully resolved, and came back this year because of a shoulder injury- I fully recommend this place for anyone considering PT. It is like having a personal physician directing the exercises

Rajeevan Kattil

Dr Ashesh is the best dr ever cared for me!! He’s hands on. Very skilled smart Dr & professional. Everyday I see improvements. He does work on not only the physical aspect of care but mental motivation & positive attitude as well. I tried different therapists but I canceled my appointments with them. He’s a hard working dr & cares about his patients. He’s soul goal is to make difference in patient’s life & see positive outcomes every time you see him. I recommend this Dr %100.

Nada Bounhiza

I went to Active Kare physical therapy today for my first appointment. The office is very spacious and very open. The doctor and his team are very friendly. Dr. Ashesh took care of me very well. He did a thorough evaluation and asked a lot of questions. He took his time and did not rush. We did a series of therapies and I felt really good after. I will continue to see Dr. Ashesh. 10 stars all around. Thank You!

DJNaveen Sharma

Active Kare Physical Therapy

Phone: 248-432-1618
Email: info@activekarept.com


Active Kare Physical Therapy

43200 Dequindre Road. Ste. 109

Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314

Phone: (248)432-1618

Email: info@activekarept.com

About Us

We help people suffering from aches, and pains get more active and stay active using physical therapy treatment techniques. We are on Dequindre Road, north to 19 Mile Road/Square Lake Road in Sterling Heights.

We treat Orthopedic conditions and neurological disorders. We can help you get back to your everyday life after work-related injuries or motor vehicle accidents.


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