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We Help:

  • Someone with Chronic Aches and Pains and tired of taking pain pills and who is looking for a solution that is effective and free of side effects and something that helps them to Get Back to their Activities including their work.
  • Someone who got hurt at Work and are eager to get back to their work but they cannot because of their pain.
  • Someone who was injured in a car accident and since then they have had pain in neck or back and are unable to activities.
  • People aging 50+ who are looking for help to be able to be more active and mobile and continue to do activities that they love like: play with grandkids, continue to play golf or enjoy gardening.
  • Older adults who have difficulty with balance and are at higher risk for fall.


We perform a thorough evaluation and assess your movement to better understand what is actually causing your symptoms. In order to treat your condition better an accurate diagnosis is very critical. We utilize Physical Therapy techniques including Therapeutic Exercises, Osteopathic Joint mobilization Techniques, Mulligan Techniques and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation to decrease pain and improve movement and with that improve your overall tolerance to perform activities. Our treatment focus is specifically designed to reach your goals.

Other Services:


Fall Prevention Program

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Work Hardening/Work Conditioning- Return to Work


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Ashesh Vyas, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy

Ashesh Vyas, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy

Ashesh Vyas helps people suffering from pain and discomfort by optimizing their pain-free movements. He uses physical therapy techniques to improve movement tolerance so that his patients are able to perform more activities without being in pain. He has worked extensively with older adults and with people with chronic pain, helping them by decreasing pain, and thus, they do not have to take pain medication and are able to do what they enjoy doing the most. His patients range from people in their mid-30s to people aged 60+ who have arthritis and age-related issues. Ashesh believes in the therapeutic use of movements and hands-on techniques that allow the body to heal its  injuries naturally.

Other than being a physical therapist, Ashesh is a history enthusiast and loves watching cricket and playing ping pong. He’s currently striving to improve his golf game.

Join Our Team

As a practice committed to helping patients be pain-free, we are always accepting resumes from those therapy and administrative staff who pride themselves on accepting new challenges and who have a strong desire to help others. We only accept staff into our practice who have the drive, passion, and enthusiasm for helping the patients we serve.

Our focus is on delivering exceptional results and services, learning new techniques, advancing our capabilities, and of course, having an exceptional team environment! Our expanding practice provides ample opportunities for further education and career advancement.

Do you want to see if you qualify to be part of our team? Contact us today or submit the form below.

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